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GreenRX In Store Ledger

At each location you will find a ledger book, within that are testimonies from customers using our CBD products. We have a number of different categories to enter your experience into. The ledger gives our staff written experiences with the products in our store. We have seen first hand how a person-to-person
testimony can provide insight and assurance in different products. At Green Rx we are here for service, not sales! We will find the right product to suit your daily life.
Our success stories range from a variety of professions including: athletes, CDL drivers, school teachers, fire fighters, military men/women, seniors, and parents ( should be a profession). These entries do not go undocumented, we provide 5% off a purchase for the information provided. There's many unwritten testimonies from customers that we hear daily and relay to our new customers!
You can find the ledger at the entrance of each store. Green Rx East is located off Lien Rd next to Target East; Green Rx West is located in Market Square off Odana Rd. Stop in to either location and give our book a look! Green Rx thanks our valued customers!

Green RX
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