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About Us

CBD Store Madison, WI

Welcome to Green RX™!
We are a health & wellness store out of Madison, WI. Our first retail location opened July 2018 and we are happy to serve our local and online customers. We are focused on helping you live a happier, healthier lifestyle with our selection of supplements and CBD products. With such a wide variety of products, there is always something for everyone. We offer local pickup & delivery options as well as online shipping to make getting your health & wellness supplies as easy as possible!

Green RX™ - The synergistic approach
Most health stores just throw up all of the supplements from each company and let the buyer muddle through them all. We are unique in that we can show the client the best of each company, which allows them to see and learn about the products to make a wise decision based on their personal needs and goals for health and wellness. Our targeted approach guides the process and allows the client the opportunity to combine supplements in a synergistic way to allow for the greatest healing benefit.

Why Green RX™ is the best CBD choice
Our approach at Green RX is to help our customers learn about our CBD products and supplements so they can make a wise decision based off their personal needs to bring the most healing and wellness benefits. All of these synergistic combinations are backed by multiple studies as well as doctor and patient reports. We are ready with these combinations to give you the best experience in buying and using CBD products in combination with the finest supplements.